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its was okie dokie

not the best but rreally good i like it and the lemon part was random funnyness

pretty good ill recommend you

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Strik3Mast3r responds:

:P Thanks... I really appriciate it.


it is incredible i actually enjoyed it since this is the third installment i think i just might have to go and watch the rest of them
my favorite charcter is the guy with red shades AWESOME!!

FATSHARK responds:

lolz thanks alot there t4tr

enjoy it

loved it was really great the voices were perfect for it

the last paragraph in your comments was something that i foundumm helpful becuase i failed at y first two flashes and youre right it is hard to bounce back up after discouragement. Thank you alot.

StupidDream responds:

Well it's cool it helped. This animation didn't have a story or meaning like the others I've done. So I figured just to stick with tradition I'd fit one in the commentary section.

The third one shouldn't have any of that though, at least none that I've thought of yet.

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it very much

like other people said it could have been longer but i actually enjoyed it

.........::::::::::THINGS TO WORK ON::::::::::...............
-coding (was a lil laggin
-maybe for a future game maybe a lil story behind it

all in all sweet deal

i can code for my life athough now that ive started it on MS i think i might try it

tell me where you learn you if you can


xXCaMeRoNXx responds:

yeah, it was one of my earlier games not too great

good concept good game but.....

great game reminds me of tetris
an area that needs improvement is the controls maybe for rotation you can use the "WASD" format and leave the movement for the arrows keys

other than that great game

for first try....

needs sound i wouldnt know wat to tell you execpt go to some actionscript forums and look at em there and see wat you can find out
amazing great job!

I will rate and review you on how i feel if you don't like it SUE ME while I might not be a animator or programmer it was Newgrounds civilian duty and right to rate you on how I feel

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